Welcome to my Website!

My first question is, how'd you find this site? That'll always be interesting to me. Because, I don't only like to get a feeling for where you're going in life, I also like to have an idea where you've come from.

And in return, I'll do the same. Let's start where start's should. At the beginning.

I was born to two lovebirds who met at work in af actory. I already had an older sister and the rivalry had already apaprently begun. She had three years ahead of me. She had a lot of ammo.

Something that has to be said is that by writing this website as I have, you get to see pictures as you read the story. You can't do that on facebook. Not like you can by good old fashioned scrolling. Not enough people scroll as opposed to swipe these days. We've gotten lazy.

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